Vintage Kitchen Tools

I found this groovy little item the other day, which is a great addition to some of my other vintage kitchen tools. They have so much more charm than their modern counterparts.


Lillabilly said…
Wow! I likey! Do you have a display of these gorgeous pieces somewhere in your kitchen?
Alison said…
I have in the past, however at the moment no, as there is not much space. However, I hope to have a different house next year, and my wish list is a bigger kitchen.
Lauren said…
very fun! we have a new one of the crinkle cutter thing...not sure of it's proper name! :) lovely to come across your blog during blogtoberfest! all the best with the rest of the festivities!
Lovely collection. That wine opener looks like hard work!
I love them. I think I need to start a new collection!
I adore finding these too. I only have the icecream scoop, but in aqua. My mum swears by her vintage potato masher. She says the handle is the most comfortable she has ever used.

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