Wednesday, April 25, 2012


On this bleak Anzac Day I awoke and got our fire going before the rest of the house awoke. This morning we thought about all those brave people who have fought for our country and also those brave people who braved these miserable conditions to attend the dawn memorial service.

For days like today here are some things we are doing.

After almost completing this knitted vest, I decided I didn't really like it, so *sigh* I pulled it all apart.

Now it is being reworked into small granny squares to make into a large floor cushion or if I have enough a blanky.

Daddy's cooking class, now what could they be baking today, Anzac biscuits of course.

I think I'll also be curling up later for a read of my new novel.

What will you be doing today.

Monday, April 23, 2012


While writing this there is now rain and hail, however yesterday was the perfect day for a bike ride.

Our busy weekend consisted of -

A school movie night fundraiser  - Friday night
My little girls birthday party - Saturday
Drinks with friends after party - Saturday night
Play in the park with friends - Sunday
A bit of hard rubbish trawling - Sunday
Bike ride - Sunday
Drinks with lady friends celebrating a 50th - Sunday afternoon / night

Not a bad weekend over all I'd say.

 A tired girl

 Movie night dress up for The Wizard of Oz
Ava won a prize for being Dorothy complete with sparkly red shoes.

 I found a rabbit in the veggie patch before the party.

 Then along came a little black cat.

 Fun and games

Monday, April 16, 2012

Junk Finds

This weekend I discovered a little hard rubbish was going on nearby, so Miss Sarah and I did a little scavenger trawl and made a few fab finds.

I was really keen to find wire fencing for my revamped veggie patch and happy to say I was successful. I'll be posting about that another time, but now it's just about junk or as we prefer to say "treasure".

This lovely stool was dragged out of a pile in two pieces and I'm happy to say it just needed to be put back together. I wouldn't say you could sit on it, but it would certainly look pretty with a plant on it.

A pile of metal, a bit of a scrounge and these babies were found.

Cast iron pot with rusted tin lid - perhaps a plant pot.
Not sure what to do with the fire tools yet, but I loved the intricate base and handle.

 I love these old pots

Heavy metal wheel, a nice piece but as yet not sure what for, maybe just in the garden, any suggestions.

I had a chat with the owner of this and he told me it's an esky with bottle opener on chain inside.
Unfortunately someone took the lid prior. Why not take it all?
I thought it was pretty cool (ugh! lame joke).
I do like it, it has many possibilities.

I purchased four of these Jacobean chairs from my neighbours garage sale a few weeks ago for $30 the lot and have been dithering about what to do with them. Do I recover or do I leave the shabby leather with the old stuffing showing. I think at this stage I'll leave them as is cause I actually don't mind them like that, they seem to go with our shabby house.

How happy was I to find this, I was very happy.
I was only just thinking how I would love to have something like this to keep near the back door and then hey presto I found one.

Perfect for the wellies.

So it was a pretty good haul over all. There were somethings I would have liked but physically just couldn't manage, oh well, hopefully they would have found a good home.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Our big seven year old

How's that for a happy face
Her first bottle of perfume from Aunty Janet & Uncle Ivan

Banana cake, as requested

Hills Hoist cubby

Hey Cisco, Hey Poncho
(I hope I'm not the only one who remembers that tv show)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vintage Restoration

Back here in March I posted about our kitchen dresser find. 
I finally managed to make some time to give it a clean and a few coats of paint.
Keeping the pets away from wet paint was a challenge, but all in all I'm happy with the end result.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seaside Break

What a lovely time we had at Apollo Bay before Easter.
The weather was perfect, everyday was blue skies.
We swam and played in the surf.
We explored the path along the coast edge and into the surrounding forest and searched amongst the rock pools for crabs.
Enjoyed spotting the local wildlife.

 Moonlight on the water

One of the highlights was watching the local surfers take on this amazing surf break out near a rock cover with seals. The waves were huge, we squealed with delight when they managed to catch a wave and groan when they got smashed.

It's crazy to think that since Easter we have had rain, hail and snow on the hills.