Friday, May 27, 2011


Who doesn't collect something.

I've noticed while packing , that I have several small collections of many different things that I will just have to sort out and arrange once I get around to unpacking.

I love this collection of handmade pincushions.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Now I love greenery and will be planning a complete overhaul of the garden in the future, but some plants just have to go.

We found that most of the plants, trees in the garden are noxious weeds and are causing structural damage to the house (fig) and others are just plain poisonous if ingested by touching then putting hands to mouth (oleander). They are also blocking out the light as they are overgrown, so they have to go.

I suggested that we buy a chain saw to chop them down, I could also see many uses for it in the future once we acquire a combustion heater.

My man was very excited to get to play with a new toy.



The last one is too big for us to have a go at and it is also extremely close to both houses, so we have professionals in to do that one as well as grinding out the stumps.

The cost of removing this one tree is more than what the chain saw cost, so we are happy that we spent wisely, as we removed seven trees by ourselves and then spent all weekend going to the tip.

The underpinners are in today to start digging holes inside the master bedroom then under the verandah once the tree has gone. So in two weeks time they should be finished and we hopefully will have a straighter house, with a few more cracks in the plaster.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tradie Central

Last week I had the electricians in for 2 days, rewiring the lights, upgrading the power board and making everything safe. We had to remove the old lights as they weren't safe with old wiring.

The plumbers removed the old oil heater after much comedy capers the thing finally came out. They are back today to fit my new kitchen appliances. YAY!!

We have the gas company replacing the pipes as we had a gas leak, not sure how long that had been going on with the old lady living there but they moved very quick as it was extremely unsafe.

The inside photo taken for sale of house.
We inherited the table, not sure what to do with it yet.

Brown doors

Become white

The carpets came up yesterday.
We love the timber floor.
Notice the heater is finally gone.

With no time to scratch, we've been falling into bed around 9.30 each night exhausted.

Andy heads over to the house at 7am to let the tradesmen in, then off to work. I get the girls off to school then spend the day at the house till school pick up. I then take the girls to after school activities, make dinner, put the girls to bed, then do more packing to take boxes to Doris in the morning. Andy comes home from work for dinner, then back over to Doris for more work, then back home at 9.30. Then it all starts again the next day and so on, but we are making progress. We will be moving in this coming weekend and sleeping on our camping beds till our big furniture comes over on Monday.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Saw this amazing woman Adele, on The Graham Norton Show the other night. We loved her personality and sense of humour, but when she sang she just blew us away.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let the Light Shine In

With a south facing house in a Melbourne winter, you want as much light in as possible. All the house trims had been painted in dark brown, doors, skirting boards, window ledges.

We are not worrying about fixing the cracks at this stage as the house will shift after we have structural work done which will cause more cracking. We are just trying to brighten things up before our move in two weeks.



So we painted dusky pink walls a light creamy colour and dusky pink ceilings, white, but it wasn't until I attacked the window ledge armed with a white gloss enamel that the full transformation became apparent.

(I forgot to take a full picture of this window, which is annoying)


The room completely lifted and we went from dull to light.

Painted brown mantel

Now white
(Looking forward to removing old oil heater this coming week,
then I can paint the rest of fireplace)

Once the carpets are up then I will paint the skirting boards for the final touch.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Knitted Dress

Walking to school this morning in the cold and the rain, I asked Ava to take off her warm cardi so I could take some pic's of her new dress that I finally finished last week. She was more than happy to model for the camera.

I hadn't ironed the front to stop it rolling down, but I think you get the idea.

This took me longer than expected but I'm pleased with the end result.

I picked up another unfinished project last night, where the wool is thicker and the needles larger, so I'm cracking along with this one now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day At Nanna's

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mothers Day, whether it was being a mum, spending it with your mum or someone else's mum.

It's been a bit crazy here the last week, with scraping off wallpaper, washing walls and filling cracks.

So today I awoke to breaky made for me, then the girls and myself drove to Geelong to spend the day with my mum and sister, while Andy got on with some more work at Doris.

I felt a bit guilty at first, ( hmm! a few seconds) but then was happy to have a break and enjoy a girlie day with family.

The girls on their old bikes I keep at nanna's.
Notice the knitted dress on Ava, I finally finished this yesterday.
More detailed photo's coming in another post.

Feeding ducks in the rain.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Vintage Finds & Weekend Capers

Here are some small finds that we discovered hiding away in Doris.

For more vintage finds, visit Sophie here.

It's been go, go, go this w'end.

Friday night was a wee girls only Will & Kate wedding party at a friends house. Some bubbles, hmm! Well, lots of bubbles, nibbles and lots of laughs and squeals of horror and delight at the fashions.

Oct 30 1964

Saturday we were up early as it was a belated party for Ava with her friends. Slightly hung over I managed to decorate the cake, it wasn't a masterpiece, but it tasted good. Then it was over to Doris for a bit of tree trimming.

We have this fig tree right near the house and it is causing a bit of trouble. So I attacked it with gusto, sawing away like a mad woman working up a sweat. Meanwhile Andy was pottering along gently fixing a leaking tap and putting in a new shower head. The old one was suffering from being a bit limp.

Sunday we again visited the temple of Bunnings and bought a chainsaw, now I could have used that yesterday. Humph! We do have troublesome trees to cut down. Andy is enjoying acquiring his workman tools.

The rest of the day was spent scraping off wallpaper. We were now armed with a hired steamer, which made the task a lot easier, however we didn't finish in time, so more of that again next w'end.

Have a lovely week.