Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unfinished Business - Cross Stitch

Going through things in the shed, I found a rather large basket I hadn't looked in for ages.
It was full of all my embroidery bits and bobs that I hadn't touched in years.
I used to love doing cross stitch but don't remember why I ever stopped.

This sampler I think started about 20 years ago and never finished.
I also found other work that I had finished but never framed or made into cushions.

So now I have made it my mission to finish it along with all the other incomplete projects.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Taste Of Summer Holidays

Only one week left to go and the munchkins are back and school and life gets back into some sort of rhythm again.

We have had lots of fun staying with family and going away with friends.
There has been no rushing around having to be somewhere at a certain time.
The mornings have been slow and the nights late.
All in all a great summer break.

The long climb up to the top of the sand dune

The quick way down

Now for the big boy Andy, action man or mad man

Off goes the hat

He's not stopping

Still going

Finally stopped, half way out in the river

The view from the top to the river

The other side

At their Aunt and Uncles property

In pj's collecting eggs

A room with a view

I took this at about 7am, Ava had been up for ages gazing
with delight to see bunnies hopping around below

Sunday, January 8, 2012


An afternoon at the beach

On the river

For our next adventure - camping, so I'll be away for a few days.

See ya soon.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


This little bunny is almost finished.
Made from recycled wool unpicked from old jumper.
I've only have to finish her dress then stitch on her face.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Vintage Book Finds

Out and about in the country yesterday I spied some op shops that had some goodies including these books, the other things I'll show another time.

Before I had even gone inside one, I saw a box of books next to the rubbish bin ready to be dumped, so you know me, can't let anything go to waste, I found several old horse books that took my fancy. So into the car with those then into the shop where I bought the Tom Sawyer and The Secret Garden which I already own a copy of, however this one has such lovely colour plates and is from 1943.

I love these Observer's Books - saved from the bin

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hard Rubbish Rejuvenated

I'd discovered these awesome little boxes were on the curb side thrown out for hard rubbish a few weeks ago. One, two and three tray boxes.

I saw the potential of them but they just needed a clean up. I guess they had been used in a man cave and some bright spark thought they'd put numbers on them in using a felt pen. Duh!

First they were scrubbed inside and out, then a little sanding to remove the offending pen marks.

I didn't want to give them a shiny lacquer, so I opted for a light rub over with olive oil (now who wouldn't like that). Oh! I am naughty, but nice. He..he..he..

Hey presto! I think they look very smart now and very useful in the lady domain.

Only one more left to clean up, the dirtiest of course.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

It's now 2012 and I hope everyone had a lovely New Year celebration.

For us it was a matter of how to stay cool in this heat wave that we are currently having. The last thing I wanted to do was drag the kids into the city amongst all the crowds to watch the fireworks as was suggested a few days ago.

Luckily we heard on the grapevine that a gathering of families that we knew were having a BBQ under the trees in a local park with views to catch the early fireworks at 9.30 for the kids.

There were about 35 kids, 10 dogs and 20 adults.
Plenty of water pistol and water bomb balloons fights..
Sparklers, party poppers and glow sticks.
The usually beverages and simple party food.
Lots of laughter.

After finally settling the exhausted kids and dog into bed at about 11.30, I also slid in between the sheets exhausted right on time to hear the boom boom of the midnight fireworks.

Thanks to everyone who has come along on the journey with me through 2011. I love reading about all your adventures, finds, crafts and fun stuff.