Friday, November 27, 2009

Vintage African Safari

I found this amazing book from the sixties about the game animals of southern Africa with great drawings of each of them including drawings of their hoof or paw prints for the asking price of $0.20.

I also bought this lovely tea cup, saucer & plate for a bargain price. Now all I need is to set up a tent in the back yard and my girls & I can be transported back in time into the exciting days of an vintage African safari, just like "Out of Africa".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Vintage Finds

Wow! Did I have fun today, I love trawling around Op shops in search for my treasures. I had this feeling I was going to find a real gem today, and guess what, I did.

Ages ago in Melbourne I found this lovely child's chair with matching stool and today across the other side of the country I found this gorgeous chair in the exact same fabric, I snapped it up there and then. Having rearranged the girls room to accommodate it, I now have to explain to my hubby why we have yet another chair in the house. I can't help it I just seem to collect them.

I also came across this cute child's tea set which reminded of a similar one I had as a little girl. It wasn't complete, however it was at a bargain price and it fitted lovely into the dolls wardrobe I discovered at a market a few months ago. I'm still not sure if I should paint the inside of it or find some old wallpaper to line it, hmm.


Yes I have been rather slack in the blog department. It has been a bit crazy of late and even my craft making time had dried up. However a recharge in Bali does the soul a world of good.