Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simple Bunting

Create your own bunting which is quick and simple.

 I cut different sized triangles from pages of an old book, sheet music and a paper bag.
Then they were simply sewn together by my sewing machine.

No cost, recycled decoration.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vintage Find

Since our recent break in, I have been lost without my lovely big camera.
Our next best camera was also taken, but both my girls small ones luckily were missed 
and it is with one of these that I was able to take some photo's.

A few weeks ago while walking past my neighbours I glanced into the dumpster bin they had out front.
They were having a big clean out before they moved and I just happened to spy something interesting.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was this lovely old stove.
I knew it was way too heavy for me to lift out alone, so I had to wait for Andy to get home.

Hours past and when he finally arrived I told him of my discovery.
 I expected him to say "what are you going to do with that, more junk", but he didn't.
Then I thought it still wouldn't have been there, but it was.

He was actually just as excited as me.
We hauled it out, carried it home, where it now sits under our back verandah.

A piece of history almost lost to the tip.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not Nice

We had a thief.
The glass in our front door was broken while we were out in the afternoon last week.
Our children have been in shock and tears.

Most things are replaceable except for the feeling of safety in our own home.

What makes me sad is the loss of a simple gold necklace
with my star sign that was given to me by my late father.

Now I am left with nothing but the memories, at least they cannot be stolen.

Not very nice to come home to.

We now have a solid front door and we are looking at getting an alarm installed.

It's not that we have anything left of real value for a quick resale,
it's more about helping the girls and me feel safe, especially when Andy is away for work.

So with the holiday season about to begin, be careful.

Sorry for the not nice post.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Vintage Find

A few weeks ago I was at a garage sale where this lady was selling lots of old dolls
 mostly in poor condition.

For the sum of $5.00 I rescued this one.
I felt a bit sorry for her laying there with just her little knickers on.

She has no arms and looks like she never had any.
She has what looks like a burn mark on her cheek.
The sole of one shoe is missing but the other one is made of cardboard.
I'm not sure how old she is.

From scraps of fabric I made her a little dress and head scarf.
She looks happier already

My youngest said she needed some hair and found this mop of stuff at her school.

I'm not sure what look I prefer but at least she has her dignity back.
What do you think, hair or no hair?
She also needs a name.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This last weekend saw me leaving my family and heading to the hills.
I went away on a two night yoga retreat which awakened my mind, body and soul.

It was a wonderful experience, learning a lot more about yoga than just the poses.
It was also a chance for me to recharge my batteries.

I felt a bit guilty about leaving my family but it gave them a chance to spend quality time with their dad as he has been working late nights and weekends with the girls hardly seeing him.

When his work load calms down, I would love to send him on a retreat, he so needs it.

This is the view that I awoke to in the morning for our sunrise session. 
On my first morning I was actually moved to tears with its beauty. 

What started as sharing the retreat with strangers, ended with leaving as friends.
We shared fabulous vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by our hosts, enjoyed around a large table.
Walks in the countryside that awakened our senses.
Blocks of silent times to contemplate and lots of laughter and chatter when we could speak.

I came away feeling content and more attune with my feelings and surrounds.

 Om on a rock in a field of purple.

If you think you would like to attend this retreat you can find all about them here.

Monday, November 11, 2013


Yesterday he was just in pieces.
Today is finished.

Meet Ted

I had the hardest time trying to keep his floppy head from tipping over before I could take the photo.
Then hey presto he decided it was time to pose, so I quickly snapped away.

He is not exactly like Mr Beans Ted, but he's close enough.

I think he'll be going under the Christmas tree for my eldest.

I found his free pattern here.

I used recycled 8ply wool and 3.25 mm needles.
He's also quite big at 55 cm.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's All Coming Together

Like pieces in a puzzle my direction in life seems to be coming together.

I have been a bit of a wanderer for a long time, flitting here and there 
not really knowing what my goals were.

I never really had the opportunity to further my education when I was younger, as I
left home at eighteen and started work.

From a chance conversation while out walking the dog a few weeks ago, 
I learnt about a visual arts course that was designed for mature age students.

I made a phone call, attended an interview and was accepted on the spot.

It's just perfect for me as the study times are between school drop off and pick up.
It's also fully government funded, I just need to pay for the materials.

The course will involve life drawing, photography, digital design, textiles and more.

So next year I will be going to school for the first time in over 30 years.

I'm so excited.

Above is a long lost knitting project that I started a few years ago. 
I spent most of last week working on it and now it's finally finished.
All that's left is some sewing and stuffing then it will be complete.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Bit Of Catch Up

Sick and tired of bending down into the cupboard 
to retrieve a tea towel I found a solution.

One wire basket
Two hooks into the wall
Stacks of old and new tea towels
Problem solved

There's a fairy at the bottom of the garden.

No, it's my girls enjoying there new treehouse that daddy built for them.

After several weekends of construction it was finally finished.

The frame wraps around the tree so as not to hinder it's growth
 and the floor is lined with recycled floorboards that we had scavenged from building sites.

Covered in pillows, blankets and quilts they now have 
a fun and cozy place at the bottom of the garden built around the big fig.

A place to play, read, imagine and enjoy.
A place that they can call their own.

The day before the school fete saw me baking up a storm.

Each of these bowls will make six cakes
and I can just manage to get six cakes in the oven at once.

On fete day I was running a little late and arrived just as the fete started at 10am.
To my surprise there were customers waiting at the stall for my delivery, 
lets just say I was rather chuffed that my cakes were popular.

The cake stall had sold out by midday.

Plenty of time left to enjoy the festivities.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Ice - A blend of two yarns mohair and wool

This reminds of the Merino Glacier I visited in Argentina,
with the different shades of frozen ice.

Granite - Baby alpaca wool with mismatched vintage buttons

Coming soon in my MadeIt and Etsy Shops

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Finds

I made myself a promise a few months ago that I would have a break from treasure hunting.

Well I broke that promise on the weekend, but I'd like to know who could keep it when there was a street near by that was having a garage sale that was 2.5 kilometres long. 

I kid you not, over 50 houses in one long street.
It was too much for me to resist and I attacked it with gusto and much delight.

Here are just some of my finds.

Nothing over $5.00

 Two lovely old boxes caught my eye and when I opened them they had complete sets inside.
Just perfect for those teatime treats.

Each box was marked $10.00 but the nice lady said I could have both for $10.00 and I didn't even ask.

I also bought from her the large camping pan and the brilliant leather wind up tape measure.

This reminds me of the ship painting in Narnia's Prince Caspian.
Not to shabby for $1.00

A little chipped and broken (I glued the handle back on to the large one) but just lovely for flowers.

I spied this beauty hidden amongst a lot of chintz.

The lady could believe I was interested in it, when there were so many pretty things she had 
on offer and was happy to see it go for the sum of $4.00.

We went home after three hours of trawling the street in the rain no less, happy, wet and tired.
 I'll try and take some pics of some of my other finds soon.

 What fun.