Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Crafty Kitty

 Last Sunday while the girls were still asleep and our dog was enjoying an early morning walk, I felt inclined to do a little bit of cross stitch in bed from my Cath Kidston Stitch book, when plop Miss Pixie decided to join me.

Cutting out fabric getting ready to sew, who should settle herself in the most annoying of positions. Yep! You guessed it, my ever faithful friend. Luckily I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy that didn't require me to use the machine and leave her in peace.

Pets are so funny some times.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Vintage Finds - Tea

I've been having a bit of a glitch with the old computer but I'm happy to say that with a little help from my boy I'm back on in blog land again.

I've also had some success with my garage sale purchases and it's funny but each week seems to have a bit of a theme with my finds. Last week it was china, this week has been vintage haby items.

I used to have a lovely collection of pretty floral cups, plates & bowls but in one of my moves I decided to sell them, which I have since regretted. I don't know about you but it's not easy finding lovely old china anymore. Then last week at one garage sale I hit the jackpot, a huge collection of bits and pieces was up for sale, I managed to pick up over 40 pieces for $40. Diddlydee, diddlydoo, I'm as happy as a pig in poo.

These will be just perfect for my girls birthday tea parties, ladies lunches, or just a different cup everyday.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Play Dress

 So happy that my little girl loves her new dress and it's a perfect fit..

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today my will girl Ava will come home from school to a new dress that I have just finished making for her.

It is a completely upcycled dress from a recycled adult skirt that the waist band had seen better days but the fabric was still good and an old Alannah Hill shirt of mine that didn't fit any more but I liked the fabric.

I cut the sleeves, collar and sides away from the shirt to make it smaller, then simply joined the two together. I found a doily from my stash that was pink, then cut that in half for the collar. To tidy it up on the inside of the neck I put bias along the edge.

I added a piece of embroidery that I had made a few years ago from one of Ava's drawings when she was about three. I didn't know what to actually make with it at the time, I originally thought a center piece for a cushion but now it's become a pocket, finally I sewed on a press stud at the top covered by a vintage button and it's complete.

Perhaps once she has grown out of this dress I might then cut it all up again and 
recycle the fabric to make that cushion.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I don't know about you, but I find cards can be very expensive and the cost can add up, especially with the amount of birthday parties my girls go to each year.

Instead of spending $5.00 on a card we enjoy making them and that extra money then gets put into the gift. Besides I find that handmade cards mean a lot more as some effort that has gone into them. We also have fun with the wrapping paper, but that's another story.

For our Christmas cards I used watercolour paper which I tore up into the size that I wanted. I like the look of the rough edges and these ones are on the cute small size at 8cm x 8cm.

I used inexpensive watercolour paint to make a green swirl, once it was dry I then made tree like shapes with a fine brush, and to finish them off I put a drop of red paint on a a branch for a simple tree ornament.

I did these at night so please excuse shabby photo's.

With help from the girls we then cut out of old magazines a piece of paper that once folded would fit our cards.
A strip of double sided tape at the top, a plain sticker on the front for the address, then the sides were stitch on my machine and the task was completed. A tin of cards handmade with recycled envelopes awaiting to be written on.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Vintage Finds - Travel

 Just about everything you see I found at a trash and treasure market yesterday, while on our way to the seaside for a day of frolicking in the waves.

I was a bit dubious that I would find anything as it was 10am and you know that you should be up with the birds to get the good stuff.

So you can imagine my delight when I was able to unearth these goodies. The funny thing is I didn't even realise at the time that they all tend toward the theme of travelling.

I just love vintage quilts and this one was coming home with me, I seem to have a thing at the moment for red white and blue.

The granny rug I found a while ago but I'm showing you today as it blends well with the quilt. 
Both these items are perfect to snuggle into on trips.

Get a load of these super comfy socks hand made in Slovenia, I love them, just great to rest tired feet after walking around all day, even better at $1.00. Bargain!!


On those long trips a tin of yummy treats is just perfect with that cuppa when you need a break from the trip.


Not really sure how this goes with my traveling theme perhaps a candlelit dinner at the camp site.
 I couldn't resist it charm.

 A must have for would be travelers, pouring over the pages to exotic locations. 
I have several vintage atlases and still collecting, this one was 50 cents.

It even has wonderful photos.

 A travel journal is a must, I don't know about you but I LOVE journals, this one has made made paper with rose petals, never used and for $1.00 I couldn't resist.

 What's in the box? Well, I was delighted to find that the label was correct.

A 1960's kerosene burner used by the boy scouts and in working order. I can't wait to use it, no need to take a thermos, just fire this baby up. I haven't got around to cleaning it yet.

Happy trails.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Daisy Chain

We currently have our front lawn covered in these sweet little flowers (weeds). While I was perusing through a book on the front veranda, the girls got very creative with out any intervention from me. When I saw what they were up to I raced inside for the camera.

Enjoy these lovely sunny days this w'end.