Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Just recently I've been feeling very excited about creating again. Perhaps it's the Spring weather, or that I've been perusing craft sites and getting excited about future projects, or it could be that I've been rummaging through my stash of wools and organising them in Ravelry. I still have a lot more to sort out, if only I could do the same with my fabric stash.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to join Ravelry but it's such a great way to get organised and share the love of yarn.

This is the beginning of my knitted afghan.
I'm using thick wool and large needles so hopefully it won't take forever.
I also hope I will have enough wool to make it a decent size.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vintage Finds + Craft

Arriving home on Sunday, we noticed our neighbors putting out on the street four large old lounge chairs ( two different sets) that they hoped someone would take. It just so happened that I really admired one of those sets. Oh no! Here we go again! Anyway, we chatted a bit and laughed at how I have just managed to make some space in the shed and was told by my man before he left "not to fill it up again". Dilemma! Dilemma!

They also told me that they belonged to the old owner of their house which were left behind when they bought it.

It didn't, take me long to come up with a solution. With the help of my lovely neighbor we put them on the front verandah and the chaise lounge I had there is now under the back verandah. So problem solved, I have not cluttered up the shed with stuff and I'm now the proud owner of these cool vintage art deco chairs which is the same era as our house.

Also on the chair is a large floor cushion that I crocheted for the girls.

I hand stitched the fabric to the front with wool using a simple straight stitch then added vintage buttons to make an envelope enclosure for easy washing and I couldn't be bothered fiddling about trying to put in a zip.

So that's another project completed. I can tick that off the list.

Please note all photo's taken with IPad, not sure yet how to upload from camera or if I can. Not long now and my fella will be back home with the laptop. Yay!

P.S. happy birthday to me!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Op Shop Finds

I'm trying to use my new toy to do this post.

I was given an IPad for my birthday, (which is tomorrow) by my lovely hubby before he left for an overseas work trip last week, so that we could Skype each other as he was taking our lap top. I was a bit overwhelmed and daunted by his generous gift. I've always been a bit slow on the uptake with new gadgets ( I still have a basic old mobile, it makes calls and that's all I need).

It is only today that I have been able to figure out how to blog. It certainly has been a learning curve, thank goodness my little girls are up to date with all the latest technology, thanks to daddy letting them play with his phone. I on the other hand am a techno numty but as he said there's nothing like being thrown into the deep end .

Anyway I had a lovely time at an oppy today and here are my treasures.

3x cushions for outdoor couch

Girls hair accessories

Vintage books

Lots of join together craft thingies for the girls

A green top

Vintage doilies

A flower press ( Ava is always bringing home flowers that she's picked)

All that for $14.00 + free lemons, not a bad haul really but my biggest achievement is finally conquering this.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage Finds Mega Haul

 Isn't it just the cutest.

What does one do when kids have just started Saturday morning sport and there are garage sales to go to and you only have one car?

One sends the male member of the family to do sporting duty (it was his idea in the first place) and now the bargain hunter is car less, however that does deter my need to search for treasure, oh no! One hops on a bike with front basket and cloth sacks and peddles her heart out.

Thank goodness I did, otherwise I would have missed out on all these trinket treasures.

Now you may ask "how the hell did I get all this loot home"?

Never fear the intrepid traveller calls the male member of the family to collect paid for loot from garage sales after sport has ended.

Another happy ending.

 All these treasures were covered in grime (I haven't cleaned them all yet) and some have chips and cracks. 
There was so much to choose from but I only had limited funds and alas sacrifices had to be made.
They were part of a huge vintage collection spanning over many years.

You may ask "what are you going to do with them all"?.

Well, I'll be putting the best one's away for my girls for Christmas, the others will go on display in their room.
I'd like to think that they'll love them and treasure them as opposed to modern day trinkets.

 Sweet prints, perfect on a wall for budding ballerina's.

Cute little bag and romping kittens.

 Interesting shape for my display.

 I so love these bookends, I couldn't believe my luck.

How gorgeous is this set.

Tiny puppies, just perfect.

 The deer at the rear has a wobbly head, a little cracked but so cute for $2.00.

Absolutely perfect, in pristine condition, love, love, LOVE, them.

Gorgeous print in gorgeous frame for $10.


Just as I was about to leave they brought out this cabinet, a bargain at $15.00.
With a bit of eucalyptus oil to remove stickers and some elbow grease, it now graces my hall.