Op Shop Finds

Here are some things I found while trawling some country op shops.
I found yet another apron, this one only cost $.50.

Some vintage fabric which I think is barkcloth. I'm not sure what I'll do with this yet, maybe a cushion. Have you got any idea's?

This is the front page of The Argus from 1876, which I think is now the Age,. I found this in an old tool tin, which I also wanted but couldn't fit into the car with all our camp gear. Can you imagine my dilemma when I had to leave it behind. AAARRGHHH!! The one that got away.

Yes, another old sheet, this one will be a cutter, as it has some damage. I also snapped up this old bias. Great for bunting.

As if I need any more wool, but how can a girl not buy pure wool hand spun at $.50 a ball. What am I going to do with it, any suggestions please.


Lillabilly said…
What thrillingly lovely finds! I'm a sucker for pretty aprons too. And I just love the pattern on the vintage sheet - it goes beautifully with the bias binding...a new colour scheme perhaps? I can just imagine a quilt of those colours draped over the deck chair in the next picture, they would go incredibly well together!
Erica Louise said…
WOW, thats amazing finding that 1876 newspaper! Gorgeous vintage fabric too, gotta love country op shops!
Catherine said…
gorgeous finds! did you see Kate's (foxslane) fun wool dying project... in case you wanted colourful wool?
Tracey said…
oh I am weak at the knees at that barkcloth! Love the county oppie!
what wonderful finds ... i love the sheet. it'll look beautiful as part of a quilt.
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yardage girl said…
Excellent finds - love the apron and the vintage fabric would make a great cushion, or maybe part of a quilt?
Seriously love your Barkcloth! (green with envy....)
sue said…
Oh the images on that barkcloth! Just wonderful stuff you have hunted up - have fun creating with all this lovliness!
Hey there, I think the barkcloth needs to be a quilt as its too great to chop up too much. Id want to be able to see it from afar! Its a real 'find'!
so. okaaaaaaaaaaay. i love the yarn, of course. and i also love the apron. and that beau-ti-ful bark cloth? i'd frame it, girl!
Bounty Huntress said…
I found some bias tape this week too...didn't even occur to me I could use it for bunting. Thanks! Now to get my sewing machine fixed!
zigsma said…
Wow! Love the apron, very cute and the barkcloth is just stunning. The Argus (different paper to the Age) - 136 years old!!! The Argus building on Elizzbeth st, Melbourne is a beauty - check it out. Wow again!
Annette said…
I can see you've had fun at the op shops! Pity you couldn't come away with that old paper, it would have made for some interesting reading.
I'm looking forward to a weekend of op shopping in a different region...can't wait!

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