My Magical Day

Yesterday I spent the day out and about with a good friend of mine, and we had such a fun day.

It all stared with me helping her move a table from one side of the city to the other. We hoisted it up onto my car's roof racks, then started to secure it. We must have looked like damsels in distress as a lovely older gent offered to help, which we gladly accepted, with thanks. Isn't it wonderful to still see chivalry.

We reached our destination without any hiccups, then it was time to maneuver it into her studio, which is up two flights of very old rickety stairs. There was a bit of grunting, but we finally got to the top to discover it wasn't going to fit through the doorway on the angle we had it, so with much groaning, and trying balancing this table we managed to lift it up and tip it over the way and it just squeezed through. Thank goodness. We looked at each other and just laughed at what might have been. I could see myself with a saw cutting away at the legs, to make it fit.

After that effort, we had a hard earned thirst, matched with a ferocious hunger, so around the corner we went to a favourite organic cafe, where we quenched our thirst with elderflower cordial mixed with orange juice, then tucked into a hearty moussaka. With the day being so lovely we wandered along the street, browsing into a few shops while licking away at an ice cream.

It was so nice not to do any house work, and just chat, laugh and have fun with a gal pal.

A few weeks ago I went to the studio to see my friends art and the other artworks that were on display, and I admired this piece of work, it made me laugh as it reminded me of my girls and how they love each other, but at times can be little monsters. I was very touched when my friend gave me this piece of art work to me as a thank you for my help. The artist is Wendy June, you can find more of her work here.


CurlyPops said…
I love Wendy Junes work. I have some of her cards which I'm going to frame for my wall.
A great story. Love the part about a hard earned thirst and all that went with it. That artwork is awesome too. Nice to have friends that know us well and give heartfelt presents. :)
Annette said…
Loved your adventure story...I can imagine you will have many a laugh over it in times to come.
Elderflower cordial mixed with orange juice...sounds interesting!

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