Box Girl

Instead of throwing boxes, plastic cartons, lids etc into the recycling, I collect most it and take it to the school for the kids to use in their art.

They have personal work time, which allows them to use their imagination and make what ever they want. I am always amazed at the work that goes into their projects.

I end up with a lot of big things at home which I just can't keep forever. We keep them for a couple of weeks before they eventually get recycled, but before they go out we always take a photo of them.

Sarah made this in her class yesterday.


Allana said…
we have started a usefull box at home too, Mr Maker is inspiring us to create more things! Such a great idea to photograph everything, sad to through out but you just couldn't keep everything :)
Great job sarah, your girl is gorgeous and I love the little animal on her top!

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