Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Love Of A New Book

The feel and smell of a new book has always given me joy. I remember when I was little the excitement of holding a new book and carefully opening the cover to feel the crisp paper never before touched, and the smell of it's clean pages would bring a smile to my face. Only a new book has that magical quality.

Most of the books I purchase are secondhand and don't have that same feeling. Today when I arrived back home I had a parcel waiting for me on the doorstep, a parcel I knew that contained my new book. A book that I have been coveting for a while. I made a cup of tea, sat down in a warm corner and opened the package to reveal the prize inside.

This book is about, the author Susan Hill rediscovering the many books on her bookshelves, to explore some that she's never read or reread old favourites, and to not buy any new books in a year.

I think this will be an interesting read as I also have many books that I haven't read and say to myself "I must read that someday". I also am interested at what she will be reading. Will they be classic's, Booker prize winners, non fiction, or pulp fiction?

I wonder could I also do the challenge, not go to the library, not buy a book, new or secondhand, not borrow one from a friend, but read books from my own library, books that have been sitting there for years, waiting, waiting.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Sarah finished her pom pom just before daddy got home and presented it to him at the front door. She's so proud of her achievement, as she should be.

The little teddy was a bit bothersome, I don't think I'll make another. There must be any easier pattern than that. He was knitted so that the seam is right down the middle.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kid's Craft - Pom Pom's

The munchkin's have a lurgy and are feeling the need for some quite play today, so I showed them how to make a pom pom. Sarah has been on the couch most of the afternoon threading the wool around the donut shape, enjoying using her hands. She tells me it is a present for daddy for when he comes home tonight. We've had a few tangles but it's going really well. Little Ava lost interest early, as she was getting a bit frustrated with it, but she will try again another time.

For those of you who have never made one, find a cereal box, cut out two circles then cut out the centers, so that it looks like a donut. Then use any wool and start winding through the hole and around the shape, keep going till you can't get any more wool through the center hole. Using scissors, carefully insert it between the two circles and cut around till all the strands have been cut - do not remove cardboard yet. Next with another piece of wool that is long enough so that it can be hung up, tie it around the middle of the strands securely so as they can't be pulled out. Once secure, remove the cardboard and shape the wool into a pom pom, trim any long pieces. Finito.

When she's finished I will show you her first finished pom pom.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Girls Day Out At The Farm

This weekend, Andy is away catching up with old mates, swapping war stories, basically a boozy w'end. Us girls however are just having fun. Today we went to a garage sale and found some great toys, books and some lovely ceramic pots for the garden which I intend to use for herbs. When we moved I had to give away my plants as we weren't able to bring them with us. So my list of herbs will be chives, mint, basil, coriander, (and as in "Scarborough Fair") parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme.

Later we went to the Collingwood Children's Farm, which is a fabulous place for the family and just a short walk from us. It feels like you could be in the country, yet you are you're only about 5 km from the city. The girls hunted for eggs, cuddled guinea pigs, fed goats, sheep & horses. We had to leave early as they were closing to get ready for the mid winter solstice bonfire. We aren't going this year as it has become very popular, they now get thousands there and on my own it's just a bit difficult to get two tired children to walk home in the dark, trying to carry blankets and a picnic basket.

I gave the camera to the girls for them to take some photo's. I always enjoy it when I load them on to the computer to see how they view their world. I've shared some of these pictures with you below.

Egg hunting

Sarah's photo's below

Ava's photo's below

Friday, June 18, 2010


The sky was so blue, outside the wind so cold, the sun through the window pane deliciously warm.

Comfort Food

Yesterday was a blustery old day, and I was in need of comfort food. The only meat I had in the fridge was chicken breasts. I found this recipe from a Jamie Oliver book that I wanted to try, it involved chicken breasts, corn (fresh of the cob), mashed butter beans, wine, cream, bacon, mint and banana's. I didn't have any banana's left, so I made it without them, anyway the idea of mashed banana's put into a pocket inside the chicken just didn't sound right. The meal turned out to be really nice. Jamie did say in his blurb that it was yummy, perhaps I'll try it with banana's another time.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Finally Crafting

With all the upheaval I haven't had a chance to enjoy any crafting. Finally yesterday I worked my backside off and managed to get the house into some kind of order. Mind you, I've been shoving stuff into a storage unit we've hired, which will need to be sorted out some time in the future. Hidden in it's depths are a lot of my craft boxes, filled with fabrics, wool, and bit's & pieces waiting for me to get my hands on it. The need to craft has been gnawing away for a few weeks now. The other day I managed to locate some wool, and my bag of needles (yay!) and in the evenings I attempted to make a little teddy for my niece, who will be having her first birthday next weekend. The pattern I found didn't seem right, so I changed it, only to find that I was wrong and had to pull half of it out. Today I'm feeling a bit under the weather, it's cold and raining, so I'm going to curl up on the couch and try and finish it. It looks like a mess at this stage but I'll persevere till the end to see what happens. Wish me luck.

Will this ever look like a teddy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Queen's Birthday Holiday

What a lovely sunny day we had today, so we thought we'd spend it at the zoo. We had a great time looking at the new enclosure for the seals, it's fantastic. The seals looked so much happier as they now have waves to frolic and surf in and the baby elephant, how cute is she. We only managed a small pocket of the zoo this time, as big and little legs were getting tired, but being members means we can go again and again. Sweet!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Neighbourhood

Today after six days of unpacking, we finally have a house that no longer looks like box land. There is still work to be done, but we had had enough and needed to get out and explore our old hood after being away for two years. We intended to walk/scoot to Fairfield Boathouse for "Devonshire Tea", however it was closed for renovations. The girls were disappointed, so we decided to really stretch the legs and walk along the river to Studley Park Boat House. I had forgotten how far it was to walk along the river track, and as it is a dirt track the girls were unable to scoot. We enjoyed the feeling of being in the bush, even though we were only a few kilometers out of the city. We came across thousands of bats hanging in the trees, it was amazing. We used to see them fly over our house at dusk on their way to feed, but had never seem them sleeping. Their large fat bodies hanging upside down wrapped in their wings reminded me of fruit on a tree, which is what they like to eat. We finally reached our destination and enjoyed a well deserved cuppa and cake in the beautiful surrounds on the river, before a shorter walk back home, happy and tired.

The creek 100 meters from our house

City view

River track


Almost there


Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Week In Melbourne

It's been one week since our return and the girls are enjoying being back at there old school, and catching up with there friends. Andy started his new job and me, well I've been exploring my old haunts. I've found some of my favourite cafe's & pub's have changed, but found new one's that are great. The weather has been colder than what we have recently experienced, however, we are enjoying rugging up and most places have snuggly open fires.

We have also met for the first time our new niece, who is almost one. She is a happy little thing, however she isn't sure about these strangers wanting to cuddle her.

Tomorrow is moving day, it's going to be a long day and it will take me a while to find places for all our stuff, but that's always the fun part, decorating.

My new niece, she's not sure

Who is this strange lady

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Cafe

Another cafe, another lunch. This time I was solo and I must say how nice it was to relax with a cuppa, a nice mag and a yummy lunch, and yes I did resist the delightful looking cakes.

Spinach & mushroom tart with salad greens and a large pot of French Earl Grey $10.70.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We're Back

Well we finally have made it back home to Melbourne. The stresses of moving however were relieved by a holiday to Phuket Thailand for two weeks while our stuff was in transit across the country. We had Nan & Pop greet us upon our arrival, who were also up for a bit of r & r. It took us a while to unwind, (nothing like a few beers, cocktails, massages and lots of lazing in and around the pools to help) but we finally felt chilled out after a few days.

It's however lovely to be back home in Melbourne, we have only been here two days and have already eaten out for most meals, as the food is so good and so cheap. Our first meal was in a funky pub, with fires blazing, eating chicken parma's. The next day it was a veggie breaky at one of our favourite cafes, then today we had another breaky at an Italian cafe that poached the eggs in Nonna's tomato sauce, the setting had me thinking I was in Italy. Then tonight we took the kids to a favourite pizza cafe. It was so good and cheap compared to WA. Andy had a large pizza, he was one slice away from finishing it, Sarah a small pizza, she could only manage one slice, Ava chicken schnitzel with vegies, she could only manage half, and me fettucine carbonara entree size, I just managed to finish. The kids found room for ice cream. All this was washed down with two apple juices and two glasses of red wine and cost us just $50. We were even given a doggy bag for leftovers. I best start my exercises again as I can feel the kilo's mounting.

A cuddle from Pop

A hard earned thirst, ice cold beer in frosty glasses,
watching the sunset at our favourite beach cafe.

Ava's special friend Mr Monkey was popular with the locals,
he went everywhere with her and got all the attention.

Al & Nan enjoying a very potent brew.

How awesome is the colour of that water. Even better I got to swim in it.