Craft & Vintage Finds

Yesterday I had a little girl stay at home with me, who is now suffering from a cold after the wet day out on Saturday.

To cheer her up we had a special lunch together in our local cafe. Later I showed her how to do her first embroidery stitches using this kids stitch kit which I picked up a few weeks ago at a garage sale for $1.00. She took to it really quickly and enjoyed the peace and quite of stitching out in the lovely sunshine.

First ever stitches

Here are some of the finds I discovered last weekend.

How gorgeous was he YUM!!!

How daggy were they. Ha..ha..ha..

Another vintage frock

I nearly fell over in my haste to snatch up these two nanna cushions

October is almost over and the blogfest ends. Phew!! I think I managed to blog everyday, however this will be my last post for this month, as I am spending some time away with my family over this weekend.

Poor hubby has been coming home late from work most nights this week, and the girls haven't seen him for days but he has Friday and Monday off and Tuesday is a public holiday for the Melbourne Cup. So we are taking advantage of this and will be enjoying a much needed camping trip to the country. I will also be scouring all the op shops on the way, OF COURSE.

Yee Ha!!

Have a lovely weekend all, see you in November.


Kate said…
Those cushions are amazing!
Great finds.
Have a wonderful time away. I hope the sun shines for you.
zigsma said…
LOVE the cushions! And OMG - I had such a big crush on David Cassidy when I was about 7 - although I think I kind of wanted him for a big brother. Love how the single is 'Cherish' and then his real intentions are the B side: 'All I Wanna Do is Touch You'.
Annette said…
oh the memories...David Cassidy, I agree Yum!! The Partridge Family. I used to love that show, how did it go...'Come on now and meet everybody, and hear us singing..."
Lillabilly said…
I was about to say "Those cushions are amazing!" but Kate beat me to it! I hope you have a lovely time with your family :)
I think my third child looks like him! Oh dear.
Love all of your finds, x
Erica Louise said…
Love the cushions, but that vintage frock looks gorgeous!
Knicky Knacks said…
Oh my goodness, that David Cassidy album made me laugh and laugh. Brings back such great memories of the Partridge Family. Have a great weekend.
NessaKnits said…
Great finds! Patons has patterns for them (or similiar) in one of their Big Books of Small Projects ... Now if I could only crochet!

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