Something I've Been Working On Slowly

I'm getting a bit frustrated when it comes to my sewing. I have heaps I want to work on, however by the time I've done the things that need doing at home, cleared the table and set up my space, it's almost time to collect the girls from school, then they want the table for their craft.

I miss my own work space, but hopefully early next year we will be in a position to buy a another home and you know what I want, SPACE. I don't need a lot, just a corner that I can leave and go back to without having to put it all away. Fingers crossed. I'll just keep plodding along for now.

This little dress needs a good iron, a pocket, some buttons and the seams and hem finished. I intended this to be for Ava, however in the slow progress she has grown, so I will probably end up putting this in the selling collection.


Allana said…
That looks gorgeous - great job!
I hope you find some time to enjoy some sewing soon :)
That dress is utterly fabulous - you talented girl you. Love it!
Kate said…
Its fabulous!
I love the patch in the bodice. I hope you have a happy weekend.

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