Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beach Camping Trip

Last weekend we had a lovely time away camping in our tent at Yallingup. The days were spent swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scrambling over rocks, rock pool exploring, and teaching the girls to fish with their new pink fishing rods. Seaweed fish were all that was caught, but lots of smiles all round. It was such a nice time, not once did the girls say that they were bored. We also loved the fact that it was cool at night, as we are currently in 42 degree heat today. Ugghh

Exploring at sunset
Notice glass in hand, cheers

How cool is this camping van, which was next to us, the vans name is Priscilla.
Love the barbie on top.
First fishing lesson

Greeting daddy

Baked beans cooked in great pot I found in op shop

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Knit or Twit

Am I a twit to be knitting winter woolies in 30 degree plus heat, surely I'm not the only one. At times I just can't relax and unwind in front of the box unless I'm click clacking away, and I prefer to use wool not cottons. I'm having a go at this new pattern, using this great looking wool with different colours, it's very nice to knit with. I just hope I have enough to at least make a scarflette, we shall see. Once finished I might even consider putting this up for sale.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Gift From Lark

The goodies from The Lark have arrived to our delight. We loved making our first batch of biscuits (mmm yum), and storing them in the ladybird tin. I wear the "I Love Cake" badge with pride. Thanks again for the great gifts, they are just lovely.