Vintage Finds

These are some of the goodies I found at yesterday's fete. For more vintage finds visit here.

I just love bright colour of this sewing basket and it's shape is very unusual, it's 30 cm tall.

This rustic old pot will become a pot plant, best of all it already has the holes punched in the bottom.

Not vintage, but oh so pretty.

More books. These Enid Blyton classics have beautiful pictures. Me thinks I'll be reading these stories again at bedtime very soon.

Little china pieces to go into the girls display boxes.


I love the found kids books! lucky you Alison, x
Annette said…
That sewing basket is very sweet, I've never seen one like that..good find! Those Enid Blyton books are good too..I still have quite a few from when my boys were young...will keep them for the grand kids one day!!!
Lillabilly said…
What great finds! I love the pretty colours of the sewing basket - I've been looking for a nice one to give to Miss Five for either Christmas or maybe birthday next year, but havn't found anything quite to my liking yet - they are all really dull looking! At least I have a bit of time to search. Also, those figurines are waaaaay too cute!
Kt said…
Beautiful finds. I am a sucker for a vintage kids book... and a little ceramic animal.
Lynne said…
What interesting finds. Hansel and Gretel, now there's a good tale. I like the first little animal, how sweet.
That sewing basket is gorgeous. Lucky you!
the books look like a great find indeed!

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