I'm stuck

I'm stuck for something to write about today. I'm having a bit of a blank day today trying to blog every day for Blogtoberfest.

Let's see, what have I done today? Well I went to the gym for the fourth day in a row this week, that's a record for me. Over the school holiday's I indulged in a little bit too much wine and cheese and it show's. I tried on my old pair of jeans a few days ago and that top button just didn't want to do up, so I'm exercising like a mad woman now. It will be interesting to see how long it's going to take to remove, I know a lot longer than it took to put on. Boo hoo!!


I think youve inspired me to go for a walk.
I havent been at all this week (not like me) plus my husband has joined this fancy gym and has been trying to get me to go this week too. He says its empty in the middle of the day, yeah right.
So even when you think you have nothing to say, well....:)
Tamarah said…
Hey GORGEOUS Girl....!

I know....Doesn't that just SUCK....Why if you put 3kg on in a fortnight does it take a GOOD 3 - 4 weeks to lose again....?? NO FAIR I say....!!

If it's ANY consolation, I ATE my way across Texas & have a third ASS to get rid of....hahahahaha....I was up at 4am this morning doing just that....'Shakin that ASS' that is....Me & my Friend Tready have a ways to go though.... ** sigh **

Cheers for now form the CBD Lovey,
Tamarah :o)
Bounty Huntress said…
I hear ya girl! I've got some extra poundage from hiding out from the summer heat. So hard to get motivated lately though. I'll just cheer you on instead. Way to go, Alison!
Jelly Wares said…
I'm the same as you, the top button of my favourite jeans is refusing to do up too...

I really do need to get my but into gear and work out a little more to help shed the extra kilo's I put on over the school hol's, thanks for the motivation..

Jodie :)
Allana said…
Yay for you staying committed to getting healthy!! me, I now have to squeeze into my 'fat' jeans - oops ;)

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