Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Art Gallery

Just found these photos that I took while visiting the National Gallery of Victoria last month.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Art Doll

My year of studying Visual Art's has come to an end.

It has been a year of fun, exploration and self discovery.
I have learnt so much along the way, delving into different techniques, methods and materials.

 To explore and express myself within a group of like minded individuals through art has been a wonderful experience.

One of the projects was to make an art doll using any materials that we liked. 

My doll is called The Time Keeper, and she is a collector of old broken clocks and watches.
She is make completely of recycled materials.

The old clocks that are her home I found in hard rubbish removal. Her body is from a felted jumper and the clothes were scraps. I broke up an old computer and used the coloured wires to make her hair. The copper wire I wrapped around her arms & legs and some old watches that I had became her accessories. I made her a backpack from some leather scraps, which she uses to carry her finds and her all important journal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Deep Time - An Art Project

Last Term all the students of the school where my girls attend, 
participated in the most amazing art project. 

Some of the children's parents are well known artists and together with the school and Arts Victoria, they managed to arrange the Deep Time Project. 

It was based around the Merri Creek and the children went on many explorations of the area with artists, teachers and specialists, including aboriginal elders. It involved archaeology, botany, geology, geography and history. The children recorded the information in journals and created art works of the area using the natural world around them. 

On Friday they had an exhibition throughout the school and I was amazed at the quality and amount of work that they had completed. 

What a wonderful opportunity it was for the children and I know that both my girls learnt so much and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done all.

Here are some of the works.

Warning: There are a lot of photo's.

Sarah bottom left, constructing a willow structure.

The artist who joined them on one excursion, paints these lovely images on leaves.
She then places them back on the ground for anyone walking by to find and keep.

Small twig structures.

A beautiful place to play.

Spinning art

Suspended ceramic instillation

Map making - Topography

Willow structure

Preps, grades 1 & 2's

River stones to play in.

The beauty of a simple sculpture 

This piece is my daughter Ava's, dripping wax on a stick bundle.

Wax cast's of eels

Wax fish cast

I love the detail

Hand made chalk drawing machine with handles to steer.

This large piece was proudly made by Ava.

Sarah's tile


Dropping paint balloons from the balcony.

Thanks for looking.