Vintage Find

Miss Pixie inspecting the cupboard

Ever on the look out, I've done it again.

For almost a year we have been using a makeshift kitchen after we ripped the guts out of our old one and along the way we have added pieces, shelves, cupboards from garage sales etc. We don't want to spend a lot of money as one day in the future it will be upgraded in the "big" reno.

So the story is on Monday I went past a house further down in my street that looked like it was under going a reno, with a skip bin out the front. I spied this kitchen cabinet in the front yard, so I pulled over and cheeky me went to the front door and asked the owner if he was getting rid of it, to which he said I could have it, just take it away. I thanked him very much and said I'd be back.

Well we have been so busy in the evenings this week and we haven't managed to collect it yet. I was getting a bit worried that they may just put it in the skip and it would be gone, but today Andy was home, so we went to see if it was still there which it was. Yay!

It was too heavy to lift onto the roof racks, but we do have a hand trolley, so we walked it along three blocks back home, stopping to say hello to neighbours as they laughed at our resourcefulness.

Now I just have to clean it up.


Debbie said…
Ooooh, LUCKY YOU!!! I would have snagged that up too! I am so glad that it was still there for you to pick up. I hope you show a picture when you have it all cleaned up!
Bungalowgirl said…
Love your work! Would do the same myself. Are you painting it? changing colours? I am a massive kitchen hutch fancier, would have multiple if I could fit them in the house. melx
simmone said…
Lucky find Alison,I'm sure you'll make it look enviable in no time. Is that a cute pull out bread board thingy under the open shelves? Love you scotty dog,very clever.
chrisartist said…
That is so gorgeous!! We have a small one at our beach cottage we painted in porters paints. White with blue. Check it out on stayz. Low Head in Tassie. Elonera.
Wow that's a great find, and a classic way to meet the neighbors on your trek back home!!
It's so lovely!! I guess it was meant to be yours! x
MonetPaisley said…
WOW! I love these and often see them in op-shops for over $300. I think thats ridiculous! on ebay they go for over $200 if they are in good nick. How lucky you are :-)
Tanya said…
Good for you. I love that you don't let anything stand in your way. Most of us would be too timid or defeated by obstacles. Can't wait to see it all fixed up in your kitchen
Robyn said…
That was a lucky find, those cupboards cost a mint to buy from secondhand shops. Do you think it originally had the openn shelves or have doors been removed?

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