The Travel Hat

This morning I said farewell to my 7 year old, who is off for the first time on an over night school camp trip. The school own a property near Phillip Island, where all the kids get to experience the joys of camping.

A few weeks ago Sarah had her first night away from us with a sleep over at a friends house as an experiment to see how she'd cope. It all went well and since then the build up to this day has been almost unbearable.

Yesterday she spent the afternoon packing and dad helped her become familiar with her gear. Great father, daughter bonding.

So now she has set of with the one of her dad's special of items, his hat. This hat nine years ago, traversed the world from Asia across to Europe, Egypt, South, Central & North America. Unfortunately it ended up one day in a hot wash which shrunk it, much to his distress. Even though he couldn't wear it, he couldn't throw it away. So now his eldest has taken charge of the much loved hat and is wearing it with pride on her first adventure.

Have a wonderful time, my sweet, we'll miss you tonight.


Lillabilly said…
What a big step for all of you! How lovely that your daughter can carry the travel hat on to new and exciting adventures. And I had a chuckle at that second photo - you both look incredibly excited!! Very cute! :)
Annette said…
Aaw that's her teddy, it looks very cuddly!
Bounty Huntress said…
How SWEET! I bet she'll have a blast!

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