What's Been Happening

First of all we had our little house up for auction on the weekend which was past in, however we finally sold it on the Monday. YAY!!

Andy had bought it about 13 years ago, we met and I moved in, then we raised our wee ones there till Sarah was five. We then spent two years in Perth, returned back to Melbourne and moved into a rental as we had outgrown our little house. It is sad to say goodbye, however we are excited about buying something a bit bigger in the same suburb.

The requirements are that the yard must be big enough for the girls trampoline (still in storage) and space for a four legged friend which the girls can't wait to adopt. Hopefully it won't be long for the right place comes along.

We were also babysitting the girls little cousin, this was her first sleepover and she was a dream guest, no tears, fights or grizzles AND I didn't get one pooey nappy. He..he..he!!

We walked down to the Collingwood Childrens Farm and the girls loved petting and feeding all the animals.

I discovered that the farm is yet again under attack from developers and I have been running around the last few days helping to make people aware of what is at stake. There are certain paddocks that the farm could lose the use of, which means that several of the horses that they keep will have to go, this will be a terrible loss as they are cared for by older children from the area and in return they get to ride them.

We are lucky to have this unique heritage site 4 klms from the CBD, it would be devastating to lose it.

If you would like to help, you can sign the petition here.


Tanya said…
Is there anything I can do to help with the childrens' farm? Is there a petition or a link you would like me to share on Facebook? This would be terrible to lose, developers just have to be content with what they've got sometimes, trouble is, too many politicians and councilors have vested interests.
Allana said…
Congratulations on selling your house! I hope you find the perfect home soon :)
AAh, progress! I just hate the shortsightedness money brings don't you!! If passionate people like you are willing to stand up for the farm I'm sure you will be able to show how important it is and save it. Hugs xx
Great news that your house sold. How exciting looking for somewhere else to call home...all the best. Good on you for standing up for the farm, hope you get heaps of support.
Flotsam Friends said…
Hi Alison, what an exciting time you have ahead of you. A fresh start. You'll have to keep us posted on any new houses you're looking at. That's really sad to hear about your little patch of paradise. I'll support you in this that's for sure. Developers, they do my head in... So sad to think of that beautiful space not being around. Go get them!! Pruxxx P.S. How cute is your little girl and your niece. Px
Tanya said…
Thanks for the petition link Alison. I have also shared it on my Facebook Page

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