A New Project

I have had in my possession for years bags full of tapestry wool, which I didn't know what to do with. I must have acquired them at a bargain price and then stuffed them into a suitcase and shoved them into the back of a cupboard, for a special project to do one day.

So today I bought myself a rug canvas and I am going to stitch a rug, using some of the brighter colours in my collection. I think I saw something like this in Cath Kidstons book "Sew", (which I don't have, but is on my covet list).

Wish me luck as this could take a while.


Flotsam Friends said…
That sounds fabulous. What a great idea. Look at all those divine colours. Keep us posted. Pruxxx
I think it was in 'Stitch' (although I would have to check), I remember thinking it looked pretty. I actually have a copy destined for a giveaway so keep an eye my blog!
Lyndel said…
oh can we see 'progress report' pics please, each week or 2. I'm always finding Tapestry Wool when I op shop and never know what to use them for.
trudi said…
Hi Alison, Not sure if my previous comment came through. But just wanted to say only the other day I revisited the back of my cupboard and found my nanas tapestry wool very similar to yours. Will be very interested to see your creation.

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