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Hello me lovelies!

Phew! We had a lotta rain last night, which was such a relief after an icky sticky day.

Here are some sweet vintage finds I scavenged last w'end.

This sweet 1950's dress needs a new zipper in the under dress. Price $5.00. I need to lose about 2 cm around the waist, or there is enough in the seam allowance to let it out. I think I'll be taking the easier option and letting it out. Ha..ha..ha.

This 1940's silk blouse I did iron for the photo, however I had the iron on slow low as I was afraid to burn it, it didn't really work.

It needs a gentle hand wash, a little bit of repair, then I'll iron again with a cloth over it, hopefully that will work.

I just love it and it cost me a whole $1.00.

The blue in this velvet jacket is deeper in colour than in photo and just needs to be dry cleaned. Price $5.00.

My little dancer's in there new outfits, about to go for their first real dance lesson.

Another scarf day, I was feeling a bit earthy hippie yesterday. To play along or see other scarf wearers, visit Sophie.


Love that silk blouse. I'm also liking your hippy chick look!

Your little dancers are beautiful. Hope their first lesson went well.
Lillabilly said…
Alison, I adore the colour of that first dress - so pretty. Lucky you!
Anonymous said…
i was thinking about wearing a scarf the other day and wondered if it'd look weirdly hippy, now that i've seen you in yours and it looks so gorgeous i may just dig one out to wear!

Lyndel said…
hi Alison, nice scarf pic! thanks for joining in the Challenge.
Your 'blouse' does not appear to have buttons or buttonholes, leading me to think it is actually part of a negligee set, the 'bedjacket' or cover up to a nice revealing nightie. I love it!!
Hope your girls enjoyed their Dance class.
Alison said…
I had thought the same thing, but I'm going to wear it out with a singlet underneath.
Tallulahbelles said…
gorgeous finds love the silk number and the colour of the dress is divine and you definately rock the earthy hippy look x
malea said…
What a great find that blouse is & for only $1!! Hope your girls enjoy their dance lessons, my daughter is also having her first real ballet lessons this week :)
Lea said…
Adore the velvet jacket! Gorgeous!
Great finds. I'm amazed at how different everybody's finds are ... do we all notice things or are the op shops we go into so different>
My Flea Market Find
Allana said…
Oh my goodness! Your parcel arrived today and could not have come at a better time as we have just had to book flights to Sydney for a Family emergency. Thankyou so much from the bottom of our hearts we loved everything! Hugs and kisses to the girls from Ella, and a big squeezy hug from me too xxx
Gaby said…
I love that blue dress!And I can't believe you scored it for $5! I never seem to find any 1950's dresses for less than $100.
Alyssa said…
That silk blouse is really pretty. Love the cut of it!
JeTaimeVintage said…
Love that floral blouse-so pretty! Your girls are going to be sorted for awesome vintage clothes when they are older! I think I might have a metal blue zipper in the colour of that dress if you send me your address!

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