Finds Finds & Finds

Two garage sales and lots of finds later. Heavenly!

I found a sweet spot for this crusty old stool.

At first glance I thought this was Cath Kidston, however I was told this was purchased at an estate sale and is original from about the 1930's. It is hand made and so beautiful. I'll be putting my sewing bit's and pieces in it instead of shoes. It just needs a light press.

Mohair rug

I snapped this glass & timber art deco lamp up even before it was put down on display. I'm pretty chuffed at only $10.00, and it works.

A large rose tin to match my small tin.

Aahhh!!! What's happened to my little munchkins.

Fab finds by my little bargain hunters.

Ava scored this treasure chest with contents for $3.00.

Ava's finds from in chest, plus nose masks.

Sarah's finds all for $3.00.

Lastly vintage toys and fabric.

So lots of fun and finds for all

Have a lovely weekend and for more vintage finds pop over to Sophie's.


Jane said…
What classics, Alison! Loving the stool and that fabric really does look so CK-esque. Pure prettiness. A great haul! J x
Allana said…
Great finds girls!! Looks like you had lots of fun :)
Lovely things. CK really knows how to erm, 'reinterpret' a classic, huh?

Glad you are training your girls up to have a nose for a bargain!
Miss Snow said…
You always find the best things! I thought Cath Kidston too - but how wonderful that it's original!
Catherine said…
Ah, so lovely! Our girl found an identical snake to yours at a fete last year!
Melissa said…
love that lamp, what great finds!
karlyn Jackson said…
Love your shoe holder. My sister found a newish Cath Kidston one at our local vinnies, I just loved it but your is extra special.
Michelle said…
I love, love, love the crusty stool, mohair rug, lovely floral tins and the vintage children's games. What wonderful thrifty finds you made! Thank you, ever so much, for sharing.
I don't who's finds I ENVY most Alison....Yours OR the girls.... :o) !!
Stella said…
Boy do you know how to find the good stuff! It makes me want to hit the op shops again, with a vengeance!

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