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Camping at Warrnambool the girls would play for hours in the surrounding bush along the sand dunes. It was a real adventure for them, with freedom to explore, to discover secret hidy holes and pretend there were fairies, trolls and other magical creatures.

We named them Tanglewood.

One windy evening the sea created foam, which the girls playing in for ages, squealing down the beach as the sun was setting.

At Port Fairy we let the girls try camel riding. Andy and I have rode camels before and were preparing the girls for the lurching as the camels rise and lower to their knees.

The getting up was a bit frightening for them, however when the camel lowered to his knees, I told Ava to lean back, I also had my arm around her, but she got such a fright thinking she was going to fly over the camels neck, she burst into tears. Poor little thing.

The walk to the lighthouse at Port Fairy was very enjoyable and beautiful.

A view along the walk.

Back home

Tuesday night was nippers training, it was a sinking hot day here, however by the afternoon the southerly wind picked up and brought a much needed cool change. It also brought waves, I spotted this surfer which you don't see very often on our bay beaches.

Now here I am in my first scarf outing. I'm playing along with Sophies February Scarf Challenge.

A visit to the hairdresser's before returning to school this Friday. A wash, cut and blow dry to straighten curly hair and the girls didn't stop preening themselves all day.

Beach hut, back yard cubby.


Lyndel said…
Yay! always pleased to meet another from the Scarf Challenge. Looks like school hols were great for your family too. Lovel.
Lillabilly said…
What lovely photos! I can hardly believe that first one - it looks like it is completely out of a fairy tale. Ooooh, and I LOVE your scarf!
Nastia said…
wow!! this beach looks amazing! like it's taken out of some fairytale...
we have a lot of beaches too... but just not like this!
Sonia said…
It was nice to see you give us a pose! Love the scarf. The challenge is going to be a hoot (did I just write hoot?!)
nicole said…
a very colourful scarf indeed! looks like a great place for a holiday, lots to do!

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