Rustic Shabby Vintage Finds

Hard rubbish finds, found left on the curb.

This old box made from crates was filled with broken bits and pieces. I thought the lid was useless, so removed it, cleaned it up a bit and now it is a small shelf unit.

This old table has seen a bit of wear, however still life in the old thing yet. Will now be a little outdoor table, kept under cover to rest my cuppa and magazine on.

These bits and pieces were found in the old box or next to it. Square tin was for biscuits, round tin I could just read the label, which says Dunhill London Cigarettes 50, mini oil can and this wooden thing with a screw end, that I have know idea what it is.

Glass bottles also found in box that weren't broken. They do need a clean, however for the life of me I can't get the little one open to empty the unknown substance inside.

Don't forget to visit Sophie's blog for more vintage finds.


CurlyPops said…
That is so cool - I love old worn wooden boxes. So useful for anything and everything!
Anonymous said…
excellent finds! bet that put a smile on your face ;0)

love the wooden box shelves
Clever shelves! And I like your little rustic table. What a good eye you have.
BOB & MABEL said…
Oh how I love hard rubbish days. There is only one suburb around here that does it and I scour the streets like crazy. I LOVE all of your finds, they are fabulous. There is nothing like free stuff and being able to bring it to life again.
We don't have hard rubbish days, but it would be fun to go walking, you would never know what you were going to find! You've done well.

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