This morning my knitting needles arrived in the post, all the way from the USA. The size I needed was not easy to find here and I was lucky enough to track down a knitter who had a pair for sale at a reasonable price.

When I opened the package I was delighted the colour of them.

Here are my first stitches for Ava's dress. The wool is so fine it is actually for socks and the needles are small, so this is going to take me a while to knit, hopefully before April which is Ava's birthday. So that means all other projects have to be put on hold.


Lillabilly said…
Your needles match your yarn! And, I must say, that yarn is delightful!
Catherine said…
those colours look beautiful together! Such fine stitching - lucky you have far more patience than me!
Sue said…
Pretty yarn which will turn into a pretty dress! Like the color your needles too.
Kate said…
How much fun to knit on blue needles!
The yarn is gorgeous. I look forward to watching this dress grow.
Gaby said…
You are so committed! I can't believe you had to order needles, but I'm sure your dress will be gorgeous!

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