Monster Storm

I, as I expect most people have been glued to the news, watching with horror at the monster that is about to hit Northern Queensland.

My brother in-law and his pregnant wife were enjoying a holiday on Hamilton Island and were able to evacuate off yesterday.

Our thoughts are with everyone who live there and hope and pray that they remain safe. After what Queensland has just gone through with the devastating floods, this just makes me want to cry.


Anonymous said…
me too.
Kate said…
I know!! I've been teary all day.
So pleased your loved ones are outta there.
Sophie Isobel said…
I'm so glad your family were able to get off Hamilton Island. Cairns is my hometown and my Dad, step mum and little sister are still there, bracing for the cyclone. I too have been teary all day. I'm hoping and praying for a miracle tonight.
Sophie x
Hello Alison....!

I hope you're all well Lovey....!

Poor Queensland....You just wouldn't wish this on ANYONE would you....THANK HEAVENS your family were able to get off Hamilton....!!

Here's HOPING the storm is NOWHERE near as severe as they're predicting....FINGERS CROSSED....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

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