For Christmas my eldest Sarah who is almost eight, received this lovely Knitting Nancy from a special friend who lives in Paris.

It didn't take long for her to get the hang of winding the thread and lifting it over to make this lovely long cord. Not sure what she wants to make with it yet, I thought perhaps sewing it up into snail looking bag.

Any suggestions?

I've progressed a bit further with this shawl, it now measures 50cm, only 150cm to go. Aahhh!!

We took a day trip on Sunday to The Dandenong mountains for a bbq and a bush walk. Later we stopped at a small town for some afternoon refreshments and I found a cute little wool shop. Warning! Warning! I don't need anymore wool!

I couldn't help myself, I saw this sweet little girls dress knitted up on display and I just had to have it. I asked Ava to choose the colour she'd like, and I couldn't wait to start.

Once I got home I realised I didn't have the right sized needles size 3.5mm and they are not easy to buy in Australia. So now I am waiting for my needles to arrive from the USA before I can start on this for her birthday in April.

The girls were feeling better this morning after a couple of days of high temperatures, so they have gone to school. Thank you for your well wishes. On our way out I noticed an animal asleep high up on our neighbour's window ledge.

It wasn't a cat, but mummy and baby possum. We still have fruit high up in the trees and we have had bats eating them and now possums. They are lovely but they do wake me up, with there chatter and munching away.


Catherine said…
I gave a niece a knitting nancy for christmas too - I really wanted to play with it myself first! I love possum spotting too!
Miss Snow said…
I love the knitting nancy - I had one when I was a kid, and now you've got me wondering where she went...
Good old knitting nancys...I have fond memories of that but instead of the actual 'nancy' we had a toilet paper roll with 4 ice cream sticks taped evenly around the roll poking up a bit and that's where the stitches were held!!!
Lillabilly said…
I love the idea of a snaily-shaped bag...perhaps you could also sew together a loop for a necklace and another length for a flower to go on the necklace (or even just attatch crocheted flowers)? Also, french knitting makes great potholders. And those are some totally cute possums!!
Sophie Isobel said…
Oh look at those possums, they are just too cute! Loving all of the yarn goodness too.
Sophie x
Nastia said…
aww!! this is just adorable! i never met a real possum actually, we got only cats around here.
Anonymous said…
Love the ringtail possums, such sweet natured little critters.

I bought a Knitting Nancy a few months ago just because of the nostalgia thing. I made a teapot "rest" from the coil, which I stitched to a circle of felt. Now everyone wants one!
Hi! Just found your post on knitting nancies. I am an Aussie who collects them, and I also have a blog all to do with knitting nancies (or knitting spools). I manage a Flickr Spool knitting group and also was requested to take over from the famous fibre artist Noreen Crone-Findlay's (of Canada) worldwide Yahoo Spoolknitter Group (Noreen wanted to pursue publishing books). You can find both links on my blog - - great to check them all out for ideas on what to make.

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