Fun at the Fair

I bought these adorable little dogs from Tamarah on Friday at the SVJ Fair. They will be put aside for my girls for Christmas, so shhh. It was wonderful event, and I finally got to meet Tamarah. Yippee! What a great gal. I purchased several items, one being my new plant stand, which I had great trouble getting in my car, but with much persistence I squeezed it across the back seat. Thank goodness I didn't have the girls with me. I could have taken lots of photo's but I thought I'd leave it up to Tamarah to show all her great efforts. Looking forward to the next fair.


Anonymous said…
So glad you made it to the extravaganza, its people like you who helped make it such a success!!
yardage girl said…
Ooooh I loved the dogs too - nice purchases!
Katrina Higham said…
Oh how cute are they? What a great little gift for Christmas!

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