Garage Sale Heaven

Election day was the day for garage sales. Where there was a polling booth there was a garage sale and I was in heaven. Here are just some of my finds.

When I saw this painting covered in dust, I nearly fell over in my haste to snatch it up. The frame is lovely but the image is divine. This looks like water colour and pastel and the date is 1920. I paid $3.00 for an original piece of artwork. Unbelievable!

This 1950's dress is made of soft cotton, just perfect for the warmer months.
I just need to loose a kilo or two.

How cool is the leather on these boots, and such a pretty dusky blue.

This small case is a real gem. The girl I bought it from said it was her grandmothers who used to travel a lot. It looks like it might be from Bali in the 1970's. I just love it.


Bounty Huntress said…
Love your finds, Alison. The wood grain matt is pretty cool looking next to the soft feminine watercolors. And that leather case is pretty spiffy too!!
Tamarah said…
Oh Alison I LOVE every piece....!! I'm afraid to say though Lovey you won't be wearing taht perty dress 'cause there just aint enough of you left to LOSE....hahahahaha....SERIOUSLY....!

That sweet little water colour was a GREAT find as was the leather suitcase & boots....!

Hope you're having a GREAT Monday....!

Cheers from the CBD,
Tamarah :o/
Estelle said…
Damn, those are some seriously good finds. I love them all, but the suitcase is screaming my name, it wants to hang with one I've got thats a similar leather but not as pretty.
oh these are SO lovely!! what great finds :)

that case is FABULOUS!!

kel x
I love that suitcase, I wish it could talk!

Thanks for stopping by The Far Fifty and your nice words!

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