Yesterday we arose early to do the 2 hour trip to the closest snow field for a bit of tobogganing. We were all excited as we hadn't been to the snow for over two years.

We stopped at what's left of the town of Marysville after it had been completely destroyed by bush fires in 2008. It was terribly sad to see what was once beautiful town, full of old cottages and shops, surrounded by lush trees and gardens, to be now almost barren. They are slowly rebuilding and businesses are set up in makeshift vans. I just hope that they can rebuild in the style that it was with charm and not erect quick slap up structures that have no soul. It was great to see hundreds of people from Melbourne stopping and spending their money to help support this small struggling community.

The snow field of Lake Mountain was covered in heaps of snow. This year has seen the best snow falls in a long time. We had so much fun and after three hours going up and down the slopes, then building snow men we left very tired but very happy. It was a quite trip home as our girls slept all the way home.

Blurry photo's of excited girls on the way to the snow.

Mr snowman

Mini snowman

Andy the big kid


Terror (my poor baby)

Hot chocolate and chocolate cake after a hard play


Bounty Huntress said…
OOh! How I long to be there frolicking with you all! We practically never get snow here. Certainly not that much! What joy on your girls' faces. :)
Tamarah said…
Hi Alison....!

I couldn't agree more....It IS FANTASTIC to meet up with blogger Friends.... ;o) !!

What an ADORABLE pic of your daughter's SWEET face grimacing in fear....I KACKED out loud when I clicked on the pic to make it bigger....It'll make a GREAT 21st pic....hahahahaha....TOO CUTE....!

They both looked like they were having an AWESOME day & I bet they'll be wanting you to take them again sooner rather than later....!!

Can you believe it's 'hump day' tomorrow....WOOHOO....NEARLY the weekend....hahahaha....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

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