A Quiet Moment

The last few days here have been bitter, the wind rips right through you. Last night, I just got the girls home from swimming lessons when it pelted down with hail. We were very excited to see our yard looking white and the girls were collecting the hail stones to keep in the freezer. They are so funny, as this morning they raced downstairs to see if their collection was still frozen in the freezer. Funny that.

It's the simple things at times that can put smiles on faces. Right now, mine is to relax with my new magazine, a cup of tea at the ready, and a freshly baked banana cake. Mmm! Heaven!


Katrina Higham said…
I love the tin that you have your cake in and the tablecloth!!! I love Banana Bread with butter and honey! Yum!
Tamarah said…
Lol Alison....Your kids were delighted while ours (fur babies) were frightened & spent the night under the bed....NASTY thunder....NOISY hail....hahahahaha....!

Tamarah :o)

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