My Vintage Knit - Give Away.

Oh what a hoot! A couple of posts ago I started to knit this beanie from a vintage pattern, which included cable. Now I have never done cable before and found it not as scary as I thought it would be. What I didn't do, because I find it tedious is to do a gauge swatch. I thought I'll just knit away using the ladies size and if it's too small, then the girls will get it. Well, I've ended up knitting this little nugget, I'm sure it would lovely on a 1-2 year old, but totally useless for us.

So if anyone out there in blog land knows a little person who would like this beanie with my first ever cable, I would love to post it to you. Just leave me a comment.

It is made from pure wool and the circumference is about 50cm when stretched and the edge to crown is 16.5 cm. I will announce the winner this Sunday.


Katrina Higham said… cute!! I have a niece that would just LOOOOVEEEE that!! :)
Tamarah said…
Oh Alison it looks LOVEY....I wish my head were smaller....Maybe you could make an adult sized beanie using this pattern in a chocolate brown & I would be happy to buy it off you.... :o) !!

Tamarah :o)
Alison said…
I'll try and work on that, but first I must work on getting the sizing right.
The Clip Cafe said…
Yippee! Yes please :o)
oh gorgeous - count me in! my niece would be very pleased with this :) kel x
Eme Creations said…
Hi Alison, Best first attempt at cable I've every seen. Don't worry I never do a test swatch either. I know a couple of ladies that would love and cherish this creation for their little ones. Keep up the good work.

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