Sunday Night Bliss

Flowers from my lovely hubby for no particular reason

To curl up on the couch after a busy weekend of kids parties and our school fund raising trivia night was bliss. The trivia night was such a hoot, many people dressed up as famous muso's. I was a floating Stevie Nicks and Andy was the cool Elvis Costello. After downing several glasses of bubbly, the noise level increased and answers were being blurted out. We had air guitar and daggy dancing competitions. I awoke the next morning wondering why my next was a bit sore, Andy said laughing "maybe it was because I was thrashing around on the dance floor to the Sex Pistols". Hmm!

Gal Pals

Toast with butter, pumpkin soup, then apple and date cake


Flowers for no reason is so sweet. Also, loving that vintage cake tin :)
looks like a wonderful weekend :) ditto with bron on that cake tin - it is fabulous!!!!

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