Vintage Finds

Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent well wishes for my little broken girl. She is doing well, but is coming to the realisation that for the next four to six weeks, her playground adventures are limited and we have had a few tears.

I enjoyed a lovely outing to the North Melbourne Market this morning, all on my own. I met up with the lovely Lyndel and purchased a few goodies from her. One was this pot holder made from vintage fabrics. I noticed it when a lady picked it up, and thanked my lucky stars when she put it back down.

For now I'm just enjoying it hanging up, but I think I'll display it on the table.

I also found an English cloak, which I'll take photo's of, maybe Monday.

For more vintage goodies visit Sophie.


Kylie said…
That's gorgeous Alison...I would love to meet Lyndel (properly) one day, I think she'd be lovely...
Erica Louise said…
Wow, what a great pot holder! Lyndel finds some treasures, and so do you!
Anonymous said…
How pretty! This would also look lovely displayed on a table.

Don't you love it when someone decides not to keep the item you have your eye on? So much better than when they get there before you can and decide to keep the item!
Leah said…
I love your potholder, great find!

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