Vintage Finds

A hound dog style snoop through a cluttered garage sale unearthed a couple of goodies.

This mirror was purchased for the bargain price of $1.00.

A useful roll of wallpaper with flowers and dark green background, also $1.00.

Shabby green chipped paint metal tool box, $5.00.

With lovely red draws.

For more vintage finds go and visit Sophie.


Anonymous said…
Oh total score, loving it all, the tool box with it's extra drawers in colours, what a neat surprise. Well done, best small change shopping ever!! Love Posie
Fantastic finds. Love that box -colours are fab!
Nelly said…
I have that same mirror from an oppis too last year mine was 50c crazy hey?Love that to box what will you do with it?
Cathy said…
Love the mirror and the tool box is a shabby chic delight!
Kylie said…
Hello Alison that tool box is lovely...I especially like those red drawers. What a nice surprize to find inside.
chrisartist said…
Love the mirror sitting on the windowsill.
Well done!
Just stumbled onto your blog! Lovely finds!!

The Joyful Thrifter
quiltjude said…
such a beautiful piece of green glass. is it a decanter of some sort? It looks so pretty on the window sill :)
Bargain - those red drawers are fab!
Excellent finds and beautifully photographed.
simmone said…
Looks like you nabbed some wonderful bargains.
JeTaimeVintage said…
I have that same mirror on a little plastic stand! I love the shape of it, so retro, mine was twice the price-big spender that I am, haha!
oee I love that tool box!
Betty Jo said…
Hi there, I found your blog via Sophies and began having a wee look. Then hello, there is a picture of my boy in the Spensley St Singers.
Small world. Maybe I will run into you at school one day. Charlie is in Terry's class in area one. Do say hello if you stumble across me in the crazy school drop off /pick up frenzy.

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