A Little Bit Of Sunshine

Now that I am a dog owner, I find that I am up earlier around 6.00 - 6.30, taking Miss Lucy for her morning walk. Now we all know it's cold this winter in Melbourne, however this morning I awoke to it being 2.8 deg. Brrrr!!

I rugged up in my winter woollies and away we went for a brisk stroll through the park. The sun was still sleeping and the moon was full, there was a soft mist in the air and I loved it. As we approached the footy ground I could see that it was covered in a heavy frost and the grass crunched under our feet.

Upon returning home an hour later my family were still snug and warm in bed, they needed waking up if we were going to get an early start for our trip to Diggers in Dromana.

I opened the curtains to this cheerful collection of flowers that my man gave to me the other day.

A nice start to the weekend.

I hope you all enjoy a lovely day.


Lyndel said…
oh have fun out today Alison. Sun is shining here cause its after 9. Vic and I are off to Tyabb for a little drive and a look around the Vintage Shed
chrisartist said…
Hope you had a great day out.
I've just finished work and have climbed Into bed!!
I have a nasty bug. There goes my weekend. But grateful I can sleep.
Bungalowgirl said…
Upon reading this post I have paused to reflect with gratitude that I live in Brisbane and the Burmese does not get out of bed before 8 am! melx

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