Gorilla Knitting

Gorilla knitting always makes me smile.


Prior said…
Me too! Lezlee
Ames and Tash said…
Makes the world smile :)
Hey great idea !
Miss our town hall having the knitted columns :)
Lyndel said…
oh yes, I'm an old 'Yarn Bomber' too.... I even have a sep. blog about my Blue Poles, Stripe Poles and Warm Poles !!!!
where did you find that cute tree??
Alison said…
The tree is at Healesville.
I've never heard of gorilla knitting?? What is it?
Lillabilly said…
Do you mean guerrilla knitting? I saw your post title and got the lovliest image of a mighty big gorilla contentedly knitting away at a scarf :D
Alison said…
Yeah! I know funny ha! How cute would that be.

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