Vintage Finds - Office

Yesterday we trawled a few garage sales and I found many goodies I liked, but I had Andy with me, who kept me in check. Note: do NOT take him with me next time.

I did manage to bring home this lovely black phone, that apparently works, but I need to find the right connection as we upgraded in the reno. I must say I do like the hands free phones, but I'm constantly loosing it and have to ring it from my mobile to find it. So this baby will sit beautifully on my desk never to move away to far. I'll probably still use my mobile to ring it, just it hear it's sweet ringing purr.

I also found these lovely wood office trays, to add to my vintage office collection.

Sweet old book $1.00. I love the images in it and might use them to create some embroidery.

I found this typewriter in a box that has been in storage and thought it would add to the look.

Going through these old storage boxes, I have come across treasures that I forgot I had, which has been fun rediscovering again.


Lyndel said…
great finds. Nothing like hidden treasure that you already own. I love opening up old boxes I've had stored away.
zigsma said…
I love that phone. And the office trays. You can play retro secretary.
ladychiara said…
What Yummy finds! I love the patina of those timber trays. Lucie Atwell - a magnificent find! Sometimes rediscovering old treasures we had packed away is like early Christmas.
Allana said…
Oh my goodness, what awesome treasures you have there! I love them all!! I am especially envious of your black phone though, they are going for around $100 on eBay and I am desperately looking for one. I love that if the power goes out you can still use your land line with one. And they look so awesome :)
Bungalowgirl said…
Love your finds, those office trays are beautiful. We have a similar phone in cream (the kids have pinched it) and when the neighbours kids came over and I told them it was a phone they looked at me like I was a crazy person, then I had to show them how to use it!Freaky. melx
Anonymous said…
Fantastic finds. Yesterday the phone rang & i found all 3 hand sets in my daughter's doll's house - she is in high school & thought it would be cool if her doll's house had 3 different phone opportunities!! Love Posie
Alison said…
Wow! I knew these phones were expensive now, but had no idea they were asking that much. I paid $10. Bargain.

I also had to tell my girls what it was and showed them how it work. Funny!
Cute finds! Love that typewriter.

E :)
Liz said…
I love finding things I've packed up and forgotten about - its like they are brand new!
Love the old phone!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
Kylie said…
Apart from the look which is obviously lovely, I like the sound these old phones make when they ring. Great typewriter too.
Jem said…
What a great find! I know those phones are becoming increasingly rare these days - original ones anyway. It'll definitely add to the look of your office and your typewriter is fabulous :-)

Jem xXx
JeTaimeVintage said…
I love that old phone but just for looks, couldnt use one, they drive me nuts when I dial the wrong number which I do a fair bit!!!
yep, the trays so look a delight!!!!
BeckyKay said…
I love those wooden trays!

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