Vintage Cape Find

I was thrilled to find this vintage thick wool cape yesterday at the North Melbourne Market.
It's a Wetherall Sportsclothes of Bond St.

The lovely girl who I bought it from told me it used to be full length, but she cut to make it shorter as it was too bulky for her.

It's still great but I would have loved it full length.
Andy said " All I need now is a deer hat and pipe.
Elementary my dear Watson.


I love it! Very stylish!
Kylie said…
yep. there is a touch of the Sherlock's about it...but it's still really lovely Alison. Fab find x
DuckEggBlue said…
Great find and very swish indeed.
chrisartist said…
In my last year at high school I made a cape with matching skirt like this.
It was an ochre colour. I lined it and it had self colored buttons.
Thanks for he happy memories this lovely cape brought back.
Hope you enjoy your new find.
Hope your little one is doing well.
Allana said…
Fabulous find!! I have been coveting capes lately, your is gorgeous! :)
Lyndel said…
oh it looked better on YOU than on your dear 'model'.. lovely cape, such quality!
Tanya said…
Reminds me a little of Nanny from "Nanny and The Professor" Do you remember that show?
It's GORGEOUS Alison....I can see you in it....Sans pipe & deer hat though....hahahahaha....!!

Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend Lovey....!

Tamarah :o)

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