Country Cookbook Challenge

I don't need anymore cookbooks as I have sooo many already, but today at a garage sale, I bought this cookbook compiled by The Country Women's Association of Australia for $1.00. It looks like it has never been used .

Each recipe has the persons name and town where they are from and some with interesting stories of the history of the recipe. It also has many great pictures.

Looking through it, I thought how wonderful each recipe was and decided to have a crack at giving them all a go, just like in Julie & Julia, however these recipes won't be as challenging as those, but more for the average home cook. I'm not going to give myself a time limit but there are 500.

I also have had some great finds for tomorrows post.


ladychiara said…
Alison what a fabulous find! I love these old country cookbooks. I am blessed to have a couple that belonged to my mum. They are tatty and falling apart from use. It took me forever to learn to cook using metric measurements as I use these books most and mine are of an age where they are in imperial measurements.Good basic old fashioned food and the baking recipes are the yummiest!

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