The Good And The Bad

I was intending on writing about our lovely day out on Saturday on Sunday, but the day was taken up with Doris and each day after I just didn't get time to sit and type.

Today I managed to slow down for which there is a reason. I will explain about that later, but for now I will show you some photo's of our lovely day out at Dromana and surrounds.

A beautiful winters day.

A wander around Heronswood the Diggers Club for gardening ideas.

A short trip to Tyabb, saw us at the Vintage Shed, for a plethora of vintage goodness. It was mind boggling. I actually walked away with nothing, as it was just so over powering in all it's loveliness, I had trouble taking it in. Also by this stage I had two tired, hungry and grumpy kids in need of afternoon tea.

In this tiny little town, hidden away behind an antique shop is a real afternoon tea delight. We met the lovely Robyn of Tilly's at Tyabb. Robyn makes all the goodies herself and is a bright and cheerful hostess. We saw customers with platters of yummy sandwiches and sweet treats enjoying High Tea, we partook of the Devonshire tea and felt much better and recharged for our trip back home. Thanks Robyn, looking forward to dropping in again.

Now for the bad.

Last night at the Childrens Hospital.

Ava came off rather badly after a game of chasy with Lucy, there was a clash while running and Ava ended up with a broken elbow.

So my poor little poppet now has a caste from her wrist to her armpit for the next 4-6 weeks. So today was a quite day.

We certainly are looking forward to our Thailand trip, only seven weeks to go.


Nelly said…
Ouch poor little Ava hope its not hurting now.We had a near broken thumb in our house but luckily for Miss 8 it was just badly bruised.
Your dog looks just like my daughters dog
MonetPaisley said…
Wow, I love heronswood, hows this, I nearly went to the vintage shed today, I love that place! I havent made any purchases there either cause there is just too much fantastic stuff. Going tomorrow, after a vintage suitcase or two, a white bird (ceramic or wood) and maybe some other wonderful things. Poor baby girl, hope she is ok xx
Kylie said…
A dramatic end to a lovely day...poor little Ava x
I loved looking at all of your pics especially the Vintage shed ones...that flowery carpet! how gorgeous is that! That green chair has also caught my eye...
I've spent some lovely times on that stretch of beach too x
Lyndel said…
oh no ! get better soon Ava ♥ sending you my love. Alison, can't believe we both went to Tyabb on Saturday, and both had a stop off at tilly's. We started our morning there with morning tea in front of the fire before we went to the Shed. I really tired Vic out tho' and he had a very quiet Sunday. This coming Sunday I'm at Nth Melb (in the ballroom).. maybe see you there.
wendy hill said…
Oh wowsers! Bet you didnt think the day would end there when you woke up. Hope your little Ava gets better real soon.
I bought some really cool boots at Tyabb last time I was there. Ive worn them almost every other day since! Next time I hope you find something you love as much.
chrisartist said…
Poor little Ava.
Hope she is coping ok and you too. !!
Your day out looked lovely. Such a shame to end this way.
simmone said…
Poor Mum and Dad!looks like you had a wonderful weekend,Heronswood looks amazing and drool over all those goodies at SVJ.
CRIKEY Alison....A BROKEN elbow....Poor little Ava....Please say HELLO & give her a cuddle for me....!!

I'm GLAD you made it down to The Vintage Shed....THANKS so much for stopping by....I hope you found a Treasure or two....!!

Cheers for now Lovey,
Tamarah xxx
Allana said…
Oh dear - poor Ava! What a lovely day otherwise :(
You must send me your new postal addy, we have a little something for you :)
I've been missing in blogland for a while..where does the time go!! Sorry to read about Ava, hope she is coping with the plaster and not in any pain. Dromana looks a lovely place to visit and that shabby chic outlet looks very interesting.

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