Vintage Kids Books

I've been a bit slack lately in the hunt for vintage finds. There must be something wrong with me, I just haven't felt the urge. Perhaps it's because Spring is here and I am feeling the need to declutter. The other day I found myself pulling everything out of the small storage cupboard under the stairs and going through the boxes making a huge mess on the floor, in an effort to reorganise and EVEN remove items to the bin. I actually felt a sense of satisfaction with my efforts. I think the linen cupboard is next on the hit list to get an overhaul. Is anyone else having that cleaning of the nest feeling, or am I going a bit loopy?

I went a wandering at Green Tea and Red Nails blog the other day and was inspired by her post on little golden books. So I took some photo's of some of my girls vintage books. My favourites are the vintage ladybird books, they have some amazing subjects and the cutest pictures.

When I was a little girl, I remember wanting to learn how to sew and my mother gave me a book to assist me. I adored it then and still do.

I also love these books which I bought last year at a market. I haven't seen anymore like them.


Bounty Huntress said…
Those are awesome! I so love a good vintage kid's book! So visually appealing!
oh - what an amazing collection!! i have a little bit of catching up to do :) haha! thanks for the link

kel xx
MonetPaisley said…
I love those ladybird books also, I remember learning to read abour Peter and Jane going to school :-)
Im painting furniture, going through cupboards, boxing up things as I go, decluttering, being naughty and painting inside cupboards that dont belong to me (were renting, oops), throwing stuff out, sorting paperwork(yuk), and reorganizing my sewing studio. I definitely am going loopy!

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