Donkey Tale

For Sunday's BBQ breaky, I had bought some Weiss-wurst sausages. Ava loves her sausages and on eating these she said, "they are yummy sausages mummy". Now in my attempt in keeping with the German sausage theme, I replied "danke" (thank you), to which she replied with a look of wonder,
" DONKEY! Donkey sausages" followed by lots of giggles.

The mind boggles.


We say 'danke' here too when happening upon a german meal. Thanks for the visit, good luck!
MonetPaisley said…
hehehehehehehehe, kids are so funny, great to keep a record and be able to recall it later, hehehehehehe still laughing.....
Bounty Huntress said…
Cute! Nothing like tasty donkey for "breaky"!
Lillabilly said…
That's cute as! I told my little girl once that sausages were made from sausage dogs and her eyes bugged out of her head a full 30 seconds before she said "NO WAY Mum - you're joking!" Heeeeeee. So mean!

I just dropped by to thank you for following me (and putting me in your side bar!)and after a little looky through here I am now following you too 'cause your blog rocks! Especially all that vintagey goodness...OH MY! :)

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