A Busy Week

It's the school holidays and have we been busy.

Tuesday - A visit to see Nanna and Aunty Janet.

Wednesday - A scooter ride to the labyrinth to visit the fairies.

Thursday - A full day at the show, where we had so much fun, there was something for everyone. When the 3.00pm tired's hit, we hit the CWA (Country Women's Association) canteen for Devonshire Tea, and I must say the best scones I'd had in a long time. The lady's make about 3,500 scones each day. WOW!

Friday - Rushed to hospital with Ava who had a bad knock on the back of the head. I got a hell of fright, thank goodness she is fine, but she does have a very sore lump on the old noggin.

Saturday - Had friends over for a BBQ to watch the AFL Grand Final. It became a very exciting game that ended in a draw and has to be replayed next week. How ridiculous! Give them 5 min extra till someone scores. Oh well! It means we will just have to have another BBQ.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

For the fairies

About to go on the scary ghost train

One for the blokes


a.M. said…
Fun week! So glad Miss Ava is OK after all. So did you guys ever open the box????
Sounds like a lovely week. Glad Ava is ok.
We had a grand final bbq at our place yesterday too. At least it was an exciting final, but yes we will have to endure another week of football analysing!!
Your pics are lovely as usual. Glad Ava is well.

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