A Box From Afar

A few weeks ago I was reading a post by the lovely Angela of The Bounty Huntress. Her wacky sense of humor always makes me laugh and I just love how she hunts down interesting and unusual items, she certainly lives by her blog name. This post was about how she home schools her children and how she had a corner in her house of collected items from around the world. I asked Angela if she'd like something from Australia, to which she said a swap would be fun.

I decided to send souvenir type items, some were so tacky they made me laugh and I think her family also enjoyed them.

My parcel arrived a few days ago, but I didn't open it straight away, as I wanted us all to be together for the big opening to see what was inside. The suspense was killing me.

The time had finally arrived the next day when we were all excited to see what's in the box.
Hands were diving in, items were being pulled out and admired, lots of squealing, jumping up and down and oohing.

Angela had put a lot of thought and energy into her parcel. She even managed to make it into a Spring theme. There was a leather bag that I had admired from a past post of hers, candy, a ceramic butterfly plate, a wooden pot, stickers, postcards from Texas, a book and my favourite, two beautiful embroidered vintage pillowcases for the girls. She had even put in cotton, wool and needles for my craft.

Thank you so much Angela, it was heaps of fun.


Bounty Huntress said…
Oh good! I just KNEW you'd like those pillowcases! Yes, that was fun...thank you too!
That is wonderful stuff you have there. The bag is such a nice one!
Lillabilly said…
WOW! How lucky are you? Those are the loveliest treasures ever - I especially adore the bag and those pillow cases!

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