Vintage Duvet Collection

I have collected these lovely old throws over the years, most at bargain prices. They are just so useful, the girls love snuggling under them, they usually get dragged onto the couch to curl up with while watching a film.

Now that it's starting to warm up, it's time put the extra duvets away, unless we get a cold snap.


They are beautiful, love the colours. I have quite a few pretty throws too that adorn our living area and get used to snuggle up under on cooler nights.
Taritta said…
Your blog is gorgeous, I love looking at other lovers of all things vintage, I don't feel so lonely. Pop over to and check out my blog. I have been trying to sell my vintage pillowcase dresses on Etsy but not having luck. I do manage to sell more at markets when the weather is fine of course.
Hello Alison....!

What a LOVELY collection of quilts....I have a SOFT spot for these BEAUTIES (WHO doesn't....!!!) but they're so hard to find these days....Don't you just ADORE those sweet paisley prints.... :o) !!

Hope you're having a GREAT week Lovey....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)
oh gorgeous! they almost make me wish that winter wasn't ending... :)
a.M. said…
Those are gorgeous Alison!
Megan said…
they look very lovely, i especially like the top pink floral one and the bottom green paisley one. makes them a bit more special the next year after having them away for many months i bet
Allana said…
They are gorgeous - I always have my eye out for these too, they have proven elusive so far though! I don't think I can pick a favourite, they all look so nice together! :)

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