The Queen Vic

Today I pootled into the city to visit a Melbourne icon, the Queen Victoria Market. This market has everything from shoes, fashion, souvenirs, fresh f & v, seafood, butchers, and of course my favourite the deli's.

The deli's are housed in one of the oldest buildings, where the market has been going since 1878. Each shop is jam packed full of delightful produce.

There are cheeses, polish sausages, all sorts of deli meats, olives of every description, dips, antipasto, fresh breads. I want to try it all and most vendors are more than happy to let you sample before you buy. I ended up buying a french brie that was infused with truffle that was $104.00 a kilo.

Holy Swiss cheese Batman!!

My wee piece will be enough for us to enjoy for Fun Food Friday, and it only set me back $9.00. A bargain for a piece of heaven.

The heavenly French Shop


a.M. said…
How yummy! Back in January when we were studying Switzerland, we went to Teuscher amd I let each kid pick out two truffles, plus 2 each for hubby & myself. There were no prices listed at all but I didn't think it would be all that much for 10 truffles. He put them all on the scale and I let out an expletive when I saw $75 light up. It turns out they were $75 per pound and our total was actually $30. Still a lot, but cheaper than flying us all to Europe!
Alison said…
Sometimes it's worth having a splurge and I think it's great that we introduce our children to these delicacies. When I was growing up it was consider a waste for children to eat certain foods, as they wouldn't appreciate it. I say "fooey", I to like to expose them a variety and the best that we can afford.
We stayed in the heart of Melbourne a couple of years back, just hubby and me and we loved it. The town is so alive and buzzing. We went to the markets and really enjoyed wandering the food hall, picking up some munchies to take back to the apartment. Lots of fun!

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