Tuesday's Treasures

What a gorgeous sunny day today is. For this weeks treasures from made it I used "linen" for the search. Check out all these lovelies that I found.


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for including my little boys pants!
oh thank you for including my card!! what a great selection, I have had my eye on that tea towel for a while now!

~ Samone
Nilly said…
Dear Alison,
Thank you very much for including my scarf on your blog - it is lovely to get positive feedback!
Allana said…
Oh what gorgeous finds!I would love one of each too! :)
Annette said…
Hi Alison,
I had never visited 'made it' before...very interesting...will have a good look around sometime.
What a lovely blog this is! And such a nice selection of pretty things for Tuesday. Thanks for including me in such good company.

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